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Wednesday 25 Jul 2018 Corruption and misconduct risks associated with employment practices in the Victorian public sector
This report highlights the corruption vulnerabilities associated with employment practices across the Victorian public sector and alerts public sector agencies to opportunities to strengthen their systems and practices to mitigate those vulnerabilities.
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Monday 09 Apr 2018 Perceptions of corruption - Survey of the Victorian community
The Victorian community expects the public sector to operate fairly and honestly, free from misconduct and corruption. The community also expects public sector employees to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism when using public funds and resources to deliver goods and services to Victorians.
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Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 Audit of Victoria Police's oversight of serious incidents
To determine how effectively Victoria Police oversights serious incidents involving its officers, IBAC audited more than 140 oversight files closed by Victoria Police during the 2015/16 financial year. The audit examined Victoria Police’s oversight of serious incidents resulting in death and serious injury following police contact. The audit identified that there are aspects of Victoria Police’s oversight process that are concerning and which could be improved.
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Friday 22 Dec 2017 Perceptions of corruption - Survey of Victoria Police employees
This report outlines the responses of Victoria Police employees following research into their understanding of corruption, perceptions of corruption and misconduct, attitudes to reporting corruption and misconduct, and attitudes towards preventing corruption.
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Tuesday 24 Oct 2017 Corruption risks associated with the corrections sector
This report analyses the major corruption issues associated with the corrections sector, drawing on research and case studies in Victoria, and from across Australia and internationally. It explores the factors driving corruption risks in the corrections sector. It identifies areas of particular vulnerability, and suggests strategies for strengthening detection, reporting and prevention.
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Tuesday 24 Oct 2017 Corruption risks associated with the public health sector
This report presents a snapshot of health sector complaints and cases that have arisen during IBAC’s first four years of operation. It explores the corruption vulnerabilities associated with the health sector – both those specific to the health sector and those it shares with the broader public sector. Highlighting such issues helps the health sector to identify corruption risks, and take appropriate prevention and detection actions to address them.