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We can all help prevent public sector corruption and make sure public funds are spent properly – maintaining Victoria's schools, hospitals, roads and other vital public services and projects.
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What we do with your complaint, including how we assess and act on it.
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Tuesday 06 Dec 2016 Drink driving detections of Victoria Police officers: Analysis of trends from 2000-2015
Driving while affected by alcohol is a significant cause of road trauma in the community. Significant resources have been devoted to reducing the incidence of drink drinking, including ongoing enforcement efforts by Victoria Police. When Victoria Police officers are themselves detected driving in excess of the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit, it undermines the message that drink driving is wrong, as well as the community’s confidence in the authority of Victoria Police to uphold the law.
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Monday 26 Sep 2016 Audit of Victoria Police complaints handling systems at regional level
Police hold significant powers to enable them to enforce the law. These powers include the ability to detain, search, arrest, use force, enter private premises and seize property. One way police can be held accountable for how they exercise these and other powers is through an effective complaints handling system.
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Sunday 26 Jun 2016 Perceptions of corruption - Survey of Victorian Government suppliers
IBAC has identified significant corruption risks associated with public sector procurement. More than a quarter of our investigations have examined allegations around suspected corrupt conduct in procurement processes, and three of the four public hearings we have conducted to date have examined allegations around corrupt practices in procurement.
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Tuesday 01 Dec 2015 Predatory behaviour by Victoria Police officers against vulnerable persons
This intelligence report examines key trends and issues in sexual predatory behaviour by police against vulnerable persons in the community.
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Wednesday 23 Sep 2015 Organised crime group cultivation of public sector employees
Organised crime groups are grooming public servants to leak confidential information to help them break the law, with public sector agencies largely in the dark about the potential for corruption.
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Monday 20 Apr 2015 Summary: A review of integrity frameworks in six Victorian councils
This information sheet provides a picture of integrity frameworks observed in councils, recognising that a range of corruption prevention measures are already in place in the local government sector.