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You can help prevent corruption
We can all help prevent public sector corruption and make sure public funds are spent properly – maintaining Victoria's schools, hospitals, roads and other vital public services and projects.
How IBAC handles complaints
What we do with your complaint, including how we assess and act on it.
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IBAC will protect your privacy if you make a complaint.


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Monday 30 May 2022 Review of protected disclosure procedures
An IBAC review found nearly a quarter of the 114 public sector organisations surveyed were not meeting their legal obligations around protected disclosures, almost two years after new laws were introduced to protect whistleblowers.
Victoria Police handling of complaints made by Aboriginal people video snippet
Wednesday 18 May 2022 Victoria Police handling of complaints made by Aboriginal people
Police misconduct and the investigation of complaints against police are issues that concern all Victorians. However, they have particular significance for Aboriginal people, who come into contact with police at a much higher rate than non-Aboriginal people.
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Wednesday 08 Dec 2021 Unauthorised access and disclosure of information held by local government
An overview of key risks associated with unauthorised access and disclosure of information held by the local government sector, this report explores the drivers of these risks, as well as potential prevention, reporting and detection measures.
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Wednesday 01 Sep 2021 Corruption risks associated with government funded human services delivered by community service organisations
Community service organisations (CSOs) play a critical role in delivering a range of welfare and social services to support individuals, families and communities. Considerable public funds support the delivery of many of these services. IBAC's research explores corruption risks in this sector and how to mitigate them.
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Sunday 25 Jul 2021 Review of public sector bodies' compliance with elements of the Protected Disclosure Act
Protected disclosures play an important role in Victoria's integrity system, providing key information to help identify wrongdoing and risks to public service delivery. It is important people know how to make a disclosure and what protections they are entitled to.
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Monday 28 Jun 2021 Corruption and integrity: Perceptions of Victorian public sector employees
Based on the findings of three surveys conducted between 2013 and 2019, this report provides an overview of Victorian public sector employees' perceptions of corruption and integrity.