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A rotund building top with a romanized bronze statue in front, the Supreme Court of Victoria
Monday 28 Jun 2021 Corruption and integrity: Perceptions of Victorian local government employees
Based on the findings of surveys conducted in 2016 and 2019, this report provides an overview of council employees' perceptions of corruption and integrity.
A map showing the Oceanic region, showcasing that Australia scored 45th globally in corruption perception
Monday 15 Mar 2021 2020 Corruption Perception Index shows COVID-19 impact on corruption
In January this year, Transparency International released its Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2020 which showed Australia's global ranking. Although Australia's CPI score remained stable at 77* – the same rank as last year – it is still well below our nation’s 2012 score of 85.
An iphone resting on a semi closed laptops keyboard. Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash
Tuesday 08 Dec 2020 Unauthorised access and disclosure of public sector information
Unauthorised access and disclosure of public sector information are forms of information misuse and may constitute corrupt conduct. These activities can also enable other corrupt conduct. This summary highlights common risks across the public sector, the factors that drive information misuse, and outlines strategies to prevent and detect misuse.
two skyscrappers with a blue sky behind them, taken while looking up at their peak
Tuesday 29 Oct 2019 Managing corruption risks associated with conflicts of interest in the Victorian public sector
Most public sector officers will experience a conflict of interest at some point in their careers. While conflicts should be avoided wherever possible, the existence of a conflict of interest in itself is not necessarily a problem nor inherently corrupt. However, the risk of corruption occurs when individuals and their organisations fail to properly and actively identify, declare and manage a conflict in the public interest. This report outlines opportunities to strengthen the identification, disclosure and management of conflicts of interest across the public sector. Some good practice is also highlighted.
A collection of binders all containing large amounts of papers along with yellow slips of paper acting as bookmarks. Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash
Friday 25 Oct 2019 Unauthorised access and disclosure of information held by the Victorian public sector
Public sector agencies manage a wide range of information. This includes personal health records and contact details as well as sensitive political and economic information and financial data. The appropriate handling and security of this information is imperative. Unauthorised access and disclosure of data and information undermines the credibility of the public sector and jeopardises trust in government agencies to responsibly manage public information and ensure personal information is managed carefully and securely.
Victoria police logo, featuring a star topped by a crown encircled by a laurel wreath
Tuesday 24 Sep 2019 Unauthorised access and disclosure of information held by Victoria Police
This report provides an overview of the key risks associated with unauthorised access and disclosure of information by Victoria Police employees. It explores the drivers of these risks, as well as potential prevention, reporting and detection measures.