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Wednesday 30 Mar 2022 IBAC Insights Issue 31

The March 2022 issue of IBAC Insights includes a message from our Commissioner, IBAC's Focus Communities Strategy, investigations updates, a podcast on IBAC's police oversight focus, new resources and more.


Welcome to the March edition of IBAC Insights and our first for 2022.

graphic of a diverse group of community members
Wednesday 30 Mar 2022 IBAC's Focus Communities Strategy
IBAC's Focus Communities Strategy is part of our commitment to ensuring IBAC is accessible, accountable and engaged with our community. The Strategy focuses on how IBAC interacts with members of three identified communities: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, LGBTIQ+ communities and multicultural communities.
kylie kilgour headshot
Monday 28 Mar 2022 IBAC's focus on police oversight
A close look at IBAC's focus on police oversight in Victoria. IBAC Deputy Commissioner Kylie Kilgour speaks with Alister McCulloch from our Prevention, Policy & Research team. (13 minutes 52 seconds)
silhouette of construction workers in apartment
Sunday 27 Mar 2022 IBAC's Operation Clara
IBAC Prevention and Communication Executive Director Linda Timothy speaks to Deputy Commissioner David Wolf about the Operation Clara special report in this podcast. They dive into the key findings, the importance of ensuring lobbying activities are fair and transparent, why declaring conflicts of interest is imperative for members of government boards, and the recommendations from the special report.
Image of a CCTV Camera imposed against a rooftop and a blue sky. Photo by Nathy dog on Unsplash
Sunday 06 Mar 2022 Operation Carlisle
IBAC's Operation Carlisle investigated allegations of corrupt conduct by a Corrections Victoria employee. The investigation did not substantiate the allegations but did identify corruption vulnerabilities in Corrections Victoria practices and procedures.
A hand holding a pint glass on an angle as an amber liquid is poured into it from a spout. Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash
Tuesday 15 Feb 2022 Falsification of preliminary breath test results by Victoria Police
This summary focuses on the review of four Victoria Police investigations into allegations that police officers were falsifying Preliminary Breath Test results.