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Monday 31 Jan 2022 Corruption risks associated with donations and lobbying
Donations and lobbying can be used to gain privileged access to decision-makers within a party, especially if it is in government, by elevating a donor's or lobbyist's profile. Candidates and political parties also obtain donations through fundraising activities, requests for in-kind support, direct payments and via associated entities. Together these factors have the potential to compromise a member of parliament or councillor once elected.
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Sunday 30 Jan 2022 Appendix A - Authority to Act

If you are submitting a complaint on behalf of someone else, you will need to complete this form before your submission can be considered.

Only complete this form if you are consenting to a complaint being made on your behalf or acting for someone.

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Sunday 30 Jan 2022 Complaint form

IBAC's complaint form in alternative formats and languages for anyone unable to complete our online complaint form.

Our complaint form is also available in PDF format and Word/DOCX format, which can be completed and emailed to IBAC or printed and mailed in. Instructions are provided in the form.

If you are complaining on behalf of another person, you must have their written consent. Complete Appendix A - Authority to Act (also available in Word/DOCX format).

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Thursday 09 Dec 2021 IBAC Annual Plan 2021/22

IBAC's Annual Plan 2021/22 outlines the organisation's strategic priorities and focus areas, in addition to core work for the year, and provides a budget overview.

IBAC has identified six strategic areas of focus to guide our work to prevent and expose public sector corruption and police misconduct in 2021/22. These focus areas have been informed by our strategic intelligence assessments, complaints and notifications data, operational intelligence and stakeholder consultation.

Strategic focus areas:

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Thursday 09 Dec 2021 The IBAC Plan 2021-25
Informed through consultation and engagement with key stakeholders and employees, The IBAC Plan 2021–25 sets out our strategic direction and priorities for the next four years. It builds off our past achievements and guides us towards making an even greater impact in the interest of all Victorians.
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Wednesday 08 Dec 2021 Unauthorised access and disclosure of information held by local government
An overview of key risks associated with unauthorised access and disclosure of information held by the local government sector, this report explores the drivers of these risks, as well as potential prevention, reporting and detection measures.