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Protecting the public sector from criminal networks graphic
Tuesday 26 Sep 2023 Protecting the public sector from criminal networks
At IBAC, part of our role is to investigate and stop criminal networks successfully exploiting the Victorian public sector.
Tall buildings of either side of the Yarra river, in Melbourne, at sunset. Photo by Jesse G-C on Unsplash
Monday 01 Mar 2021 IBAC Strategic Assessment
The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission, IBAC, regularly assesses corruption risks and trends across Victorian state government and local councils. We consult widely to gauge areas most at risk of corruption and identify emerging risks. This helps direct corruption prevention activities strategically to prevent vital public services being undermined, official positions being misused, and public resources being stolen. Here are the main findings from our latest research conducted in 2019/20.
A vicroads building, unrelated to the investigation - displaying the vicroads logo prominently on two corners
Thursday 12 Nov 2020 Operation Barron
In April 2016, IBAC commenced an investigation into allegations a VicRoads employee engaged in serious corrupt conduct by accessing, altering and disclosing sensitive vehicle registration and licensing information without authorisation, and this information was then being disclosed to associates from outlaw motorcycle gangs.
An image of the front gate of port phillip prison
Monday 05 Oct 2020 Operation Ettrick
In January 2015, IBAC commenced an investigation into allegations that corrections officers at Port Phillip Prison were trafficking illicit drugs into the prison, using illicit drugs, and maintaining links to organised crime entities.
Th roof of the state library as seen from the outside with highrises imposed behind it
Thursday 31 Aug 2017 Operation Fraser
Operation Fraser was an investigation into allegations of theft of equipment by a council employee.
Insights on the corruption threats posed by organised crime, podcast thumbnail
Monday 21 Aug 2017 Insights on the corruption threats posed by organised crime
In the latest podcast in our corruption prevention series we chat with Dr Anna Sergi, an international expert on organised crime, with a particular focus on the Italian mafias. Dr Sergi shares her insights on the corruption threats posed by organised crime and how the public sector might respond to these threats.