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Monday 26 Sep 2016 Audit of Victoria Police complaints handling systems at regional level
Police hold significant powers to enable them to enforce the law. These powers include the ability to detain, search, arrest, use force, enter private premises and seize property. One way police can be held accountable for how they exercise these and other powers is through an effective complaints handling system.
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Thursday 26 May 2016 Operation Blyth
Operation Blyth investigated allegations that a vulnerable woman had been assaulted and mistreated while in the custody of Victoria Police members at an outer Melbourne station.
Image of police tape
Thursday 28 Apr 2016 Operation Darby
This report outlines an investigation into Mr Nassir Bare's complaint against Victoria Police.
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Tuesday 01 Dec 2015 Predatory behaviour by Victoria Police officers against vulnerable persons
This intelligence report examines key trends and issues in sexual predatory behaviour by police against vulnerable persons in the community.
An empty police car viewed from midway up the bonnet.
Wednesday 26 Aug 2015 Police oversight, 2015
IBAC plays a vital role in building community confidence by providing oversight of police operations. This report provides a focused account of our key police oversight activities since becoming fully operational in early 2013.