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A hand holding a pint glass on an angle as an amber liquid is poured into it from a spout. Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash
Tuesday 15 Feb 2022 Falsification of preliminary breath test results by Victoria Police
This summary focuses on the review of four Victoria Police investigations into allegations that police officers were falsifying Preliminary Breath Test results.
A blue bycycle leaning against a wall, as a group of people, out of focus, walk down a heavily graffitied laneway in Melbournes sidestreets
Friday 09 Oct 2020 Operation Genoa
In early 2017, following a notification from Victoria Police, IBAC commenced an investigation called Operation Genoa that found a Detective Leading Senior Constable had engaged in unauthorised access, use and disclosure of police information.
image of police station
Thursday 08 Oct 2020 Operation Oldfield
In February 2014, IBAC received a notification from the Victoria Police Professional Standards Command (PSC) about allegations of interference in a prosecution by a Leading Senior Constable (LSC) serving as a police prosecutor.
An image of the front gate of port phillip prison
Monday 05 Oct 2020 Operation Ettrick
In January 2015, IBAC commenced an investigation into allegations that corrections officers at Port Phillip Prison were trafficking illicit drugs into the prison, using illicit drugs, and maintaining links to organised crime entities.
Close up of a chart displaying how different sectors are linked to the community
Thursday 26 Jul 2018 Corruption risks associated with public regulatory authorities
This report provides an overview of the corruption risks associated with public regulatory authorities in Victoria. It explores the causes of these risks, the factors that drive corruption risks in these authorities, and potential prevention, reporting and detection measures.
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Thursday 21 Jun 2018 Audit of complaints investigated by Professional Standards Command, Victoria Police
As part of our work to determine how effectively Victoria Police handles complaints against police officers, IBAC audited a sample of investigations conducted by Professional Standards Command (PSC) during the 2015/16 financial year. This audit assessed whether PSC's complaint investigations were thorough and impartial and met the standards required for the handling of such serious allegations. IBAC identified that there are aspects of PSC's complaint handling processes that are concerning and require improvement.