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An image of two apartment buildings imposed against each other, located in Collingwood
Sunday 08 Dec 2019 Corruption risks in the social housing sector
This information sheet highlights some of the corruption vulnerabilities in the social housing sector and identifies ways those responsible for public and community housing can strengthen their systems and practices to mitigate those vulnerabilities.
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Tuesday 29 Oct 2019 Managing corruption risks associated with conflicts of interest in the Victorian public sector
Most public sector officers will experience a conflict of interest at some point in their careers. While conflicts should be avoided wherever possible, the existence of a conflict of interest in itself is not necessarily a problem nor inherently corrupt. However, the risk of corruption occurs when individuals and their organisations fail to properly and actively identify, declare and manage a conflict in the public interest. This report outlines opportunities to strengthen the identification, disclosure and management of conflicts of interest across the public sector. Some good practice is also highlighted.
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Monday 30 Sep 2019 Corruption risks associated with procurement in local government
Victorian councils play a pivotal role in providing and maintaining a wide range of services, programs and infrastructure for their communities. With responsibility for the management of community infrastructure worth approximately $90 billion and delivery of more than $7 billion in critical public services every year, councils spend between 45 per cent and 60 per cent of their annual budgets on procurement. Considerable power is therefore vested in public officers of councils to source suppliers, manage contracts and authorise payment for goods, services and works – using public money.
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Wednesday 26 Jun 2019 State government integrity frameworks review
In 2018, IBAC reviewed integrity frameworks in a sample of 38 Victorian state government agencies, identifying examples of good practice and opportunities for improvement. A key objective of this project was to help state government agencies review and strengthen their own integrity frameworks, to improve their capacity to prevent corrupt conduct.
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Wednesday 27 Mar 2019 Local government integrity frameworks review
IBAC's Local government integrity frameworks review provides a snapshot of the integrity frameworks examined in a sample of six Victorian councils and highlights examples of good practices and possible areas for improvement.
A vicroads building, unrelated to the investigation - displaying the vicroads logo prominently on two corners
Wednesday 27 Feb 2019 Operation Panarea
Operation Panarea was an investigation into allegations of suspected corrupt conduct relating to inappropriate procurement practices by employees at a VicRoads depot.