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A green V next to the words 'vic roads'
Sunday 21 Jan 2018 Operation Helena
Operation Helena was an investigation into allegations that former VicRoads employees obtained unlawful benefits from suppliers.
The Victoria state government logo, with the VIC being placed within a blue triangle and the rest of the organisations name in blue outside of the triangle
Tuesday 26 Dec 2017 Operation Tambo
Operation Tambo was an investigation into allegations an employee of the then Department of State Development, Business and Innovation had deliberately made procurement decisions to benefit a not-for-profit organisation to which he had links.
A white tiled corridor, at the end of the corridor is the universal symbol for healthcare, a red cross surrounded by a red circle. Photo by Enric Moreu on Unsplash
Tuesday 24 Oct 2017 Corruption risks associated with the public health sector
This report presents a snapshot of health sector complaints and cases that have arisen during IBAC’s first four years of operation. It explores the corruption vulnerabilities associated with the health sector – both those specific to the health sector and those it shares with the broader public sector. Highlighting such issues helps the health sector to identify corruption risks, and take appropriate prevention and detection actions to address them.
An image of Professor Adam Graycar from mid shoulder up
Tuesday 17 Oct 2017 Preventing misconduct in low corruption environments
We talk to Professor Adam Graycar, one of Australia’s most experienced leaders in social science research. Professor Graycar, of Flinders University, focuses on integrity and corruption prevention in Australia and internationally, and works closely with international agencies such as the United Nations and the World Bank.
Image of Victorian parliament building
Tuesday 26 Sep 2017 Perceptions of corruption - Survey of Victorian state government employees
This report outlines the responses of state government employees following research into their understanding of corruption, their perceptions of corruption and misconduct, attitudes to reporting corruption and misconduct, and attitudes towards preventing corruption.
stock photo of people crossing tram lines in Melbourne
Wednesday 09 Aug 2017 Public sector corruption hurts all Victorians
This information sheet provides examples of corruption and misconduct and red flags for corruption. It also explains the importance of reporting corruption, and IBAC's role in preventing and exposing it.