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Sunday 26 Jun 2016 Perceptions of corruption - Survey of Victorian Government suppliers
IBAC has identified significant corruption risks associated with public sector procurement. More than a quarter of our investigations have examined allegations around suspected corrupt conduct in procurement processes, and three of the four public hearings we have conducted to date have examined allegations around corrupt practices in procurement.
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Thursday 28 Apr 2016 Operation Ord
An IBAC investigation into the conduct of officers of the Department of Education and Training, in connection with the use of 'banker schools' and related activities.
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Monday 07 Dec 2015 Operation Severn
Operation Severn was an investigation into allegations of corruption regarding contracts awarded by a local council.
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Thursday 19 Nov 2015 Operation Rubicon
Operation Rubicon was an investigation into allegations of interference in the awarding of tenders by a local council.
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Monday 09 Nov 2015 Corruption red flags in procurement
In the fifth podcast of our corruption prevention series, we speak to Geoff Crawford, Assistant Director Fraud Prevention at the Department of Justice and Regulation. Developed as part of our Fraud Awareness Week resource kit, this podcast takes a closer look at public sector procurement and how such processes can be at risk of being corrupted.
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Sunday 01 Nov 2015 The red flags of corruption: procurement
Procurement is vulnerable to being corrupted because it can involve large sums of public money, and be impacted by highly devolved decision-making, limited oversight and inadequate staff training.