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You can help prevent corruption
We can all help prevent public sector corruption and make sure public funds are spent properly – maintaining Victoria's schools, hospitals, roads and other vital public services and projects.
How IBAC handles complaints
What we do with your complaint, including how we assess and act on it.
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IBAC will protect your privacy if you make a complaint.


A hand holding a pen, poised above an out of focus checklist on grid paper. Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Friday 20 Dec 2019 Public interest disclosure procedures key issues to consider
This information sheet provides public sector organisations with information to help them with their workplace public interest disclosure policies, practices and procedures. The information is to be used as a reference to the key issues that organisations should consider in meeting their obligations under Victoria's system for receiving public interest disclosures.
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Monday 07 Oct 2019 Frequently asked questions about the Integrity and Accountability Legislation Amendment
Frequently asked questions about the Integrity and Accountability Legislation Amendment (Public Interest Disclosures, Oversight and Independence) Act 2019. Key changes commence on 1 January 2020
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Monday 07 Oct 2019 Key changes in relation to public interest disclosures
Legislated changes commencing 1 January 2020 require agencies to update their policies and procedures in relation to public interest disclosures (PIDs). This information sheet outlines key changes to the system.
snippit from video about how to lodge local council complaints
Tuesday 10 Apr 2018 Flow chart - Local council complaints
If something is not right, who do I complain to?
Deputy Victorian Ombudsman Megan Philpot
Friday 29 Apr 2016 The importance of a good complaints system
In the sixth podcast of our corruption prevention series, we speak to Deputy Victorian Ombudsman Megan Philpot who shares advice on how public sector agencies can best manage complaints, and get the most from the valuable information they provide.
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Wednesday 20 Jan 2016 Review of protected disclosure procedures - progress report
This report assess the progress made by state and local government entities that were not meeting their obligations around protected disclosures almost two years after the PID Act came into effect.