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You can help prevent corruption
We can all help prevent public sector corruption and make sure public funds are spent properly – maintaining Victoria's schools, hospitals, roads and other vital public services and projects.
How IBAC handles complaints
What we do with your complaint, including how we assess and act on it.
Your privacy
IBAC will protect your privacy if you make a complaint.


A speaker talking to a range of police in a lecture hall
Monday 26 Oct 2015 Guidelines for handling public interest disclosures
This document provides guidance for people and organisations in the public sector that receive reports about improper conduct and detrimental action that may be public interest disclosures.
Mark Gough, Regional Head of Compliance Case Handling for Siemens in Asia and Australia
Monday 19 Oct 2015 Corruption prevention – learnings from the private sector
In the fourth podcast of our corruption prevention series, we speak to Mark Gough, Regional Head of Compliance Case Handling for Siemens in Asia and Australia. Mark joined Siemens to establish an internal investigations function following revelations of corruption within the company. He takes us through what happened and discusses how some of the key learnings can be applied to the public sector.
Professor AJ Brown from Griffith University
Wednesday 29 Apr 2015 Whistleblowers and protected disclosures
In the first episode of our podcast series, we talk to Professor AJ Brown from Griffith University on the importance of blowing the whistle on corruption and misconduct.
An image of a phone with an email icon (closed envelope), a laptop showing a chat bubble and a piece of paper with a pencil that has scrawled writing on it represented by horizontal lines
Tuesday 04 Nov 2014 Information sheet - Reporting corruption and misconduct
Have you witnessed corruption? Suspect something? Your information could help expose how public sector corruption or police misconduct is wasting public money and hurting Victorians. Importantly, your complaint can help everyone learn valuable lessons to prevent future corruption and misconduct.
An empty police car viewed from midway up the bonnet.
Wednesday 02 Oct 2013 Operation Wren
Operation Wren was an Office of Police Integrity (OPI) investigation into the outcome of a Victoria Police Ethical Standards Department (ESD) investigation, into alleged misconduct by members of the Mounted Branch.