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A rotund building top with a romanized bronze statue in front, the Supreme Court of Victoria
Monday 28 Jun 2021 Corruption and integrity: Perceptions of Victorian local government employees
Based on the findings of surveys conducted in 2016 and 2019, this report provides an overview of council employees' perceptions of corruption and integrity.
People walking outside a building with a white and glass based facade
Monday 28 Jun 2021 Perceptions of corruption and integrity in the Victorian public sector
IBAC periodically conducts surveys of Victorian public sector and local government employees to understand how they perceive corruption and integrity within their own organisation. Employees' perceptions of organisational behaviours, ethical culture and areas of risk provide insight into possible gaps and weaknesses in corruption prevention controls. They also indicate where employees believe agencies should increase or focus efforts to reduce corruption risks and vulnerabilities. This infographic presents the top findings from our latest research.
Monday 28 Jun 2021 Perceptions of corruption in local government
IBAC Deputy Commissioner David Wolf and Municipal Association of Victoria CEO Kerry Thompson discuss perceptions of corruption in local government.
A map showing the Oceanic region, showcasing that Australia scored 45th globally in corruption perception
Monday 15 Mar 2021 2020 Corruption Perception Index shows COVID-19 impact on corruption
In January this year, Transparency International released its Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2020 which showed Australia's global ranking. Although Australia's CPI score remained stable at 77* – the same rank as last year – it is still well below our nation’s 2012 score of 85.
two peoples feet, with their shadows showing that they are shaking hands outside of the pictures frame
Wednesday 25 Jul 2018 Corruption and misconduct risks associated with employment practices in the Victorian public sector
This report highlights the corruption vulnerabilities associated with employment practices across the Victorian public sector and alerts public sector agencies to opportunities to strengthen their systems and practices to mitigate those vulnerabilities.
Peak hour in melbourne as pedestrians rush to work
Monday 09 Apr 2018 Perceptions of corruption - Survey of the Victorian community
The Victorian community expects the public sector to operate fairly and honestly, free from misconduct and corruption. The community also expects public sector employees to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism when using public funds and resources to deliver goods and services to Victorians.