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Sunday 01 May 2022 Speak up to stop improper influence
Employees in the Victorian public sector should always make decisions in the best interests of the community, free from bias or favouritism.
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Friday 11 Dec 2020 Operation Royston
Following a notification received in November 2015, IBAC commenced an investigation into allegations a former manager at the City of Ballarat Council subverted procurement processes to obtain financial advantage and failed to fully declare and manage conflicts of interest.
An image of two apartment buildings imposed against each other, located in Collingwood
Sunday 08 Dec 2019 Corruption risks in the social housing sector
This information sheet highlights some of the corruption vulnerabilities in the social housing sector and identifies ways those responsible for public and community housing can strengthen their systems and practices to mitigate those vulnerabilities.
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Monday 23 Sep 2019 Corruption risks associated with public sector boards

This information sheet highlights corruption vulnerabilities associated with public sector boards in Victoria. It alerts government departments to opportunities to strengthen their systems and practices to address those vulnerabilities. It also outlines measures to aid the detection, reporting and prevention of corruption which can otherwise lead to waste of public money and resources, undermine people's trust in government, and damage the reputation of the public sector.

An image of Preston cemetary, one of many operated by the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust
Wednesday 27 Dec 2017 Operation Wyong
Operation Wyong was an investigation into the alleged bribery of a public official to secure multiple grave sites at a suburban Melbourne cemetery.
A drone shot of an expansive cemetery located in Carlton. Photo by Josh Chiodo on Unsplash
Wednesday 27 Dec 2017 Operation Denmark
Operation Denmark investigated allegations that a member of the public had offered bribes to employees of a cemetery trust in return for allocating a grave site at a particular cemetery.