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Sunday 01 Nov 2015 The red flags of corruption: procurement
Procurement is vulnerable to being corrupted because it can involve large sums of public money, and be impacted by highly devolved decision-making, limited oversight and inadequate staff training.
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Monday 20 Apr 2015 A review of depots in Victorian local councils
IBAC investigated allegations of corrupt conduct at a council works depot. The investigation uncovered a number of issues relating to the management of the council's depots, including poor record-keeping and lack of audits. Four key areas of corruption risk identified during Operation Continent.
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Monday 30 Mar 2015 Local Government: Review of council works depots
In 2013, IBAC investigated allegations of corrupt conduct involving employees at a council works depot. Operation Continent identified issues relating to the management of that council’s depot including poor record-keeping, lack of accountability for plant and equipment, inappropriate relationships with external contractors, and inadequate controls including a lack of audits, segregation of duties, and management of conflicts of interest.