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Wednesday 11 Nov 2020 Operation Lockhart
In August 2018, IBAC commenced an investigation into allegations a former Murrindindi Shire Council employee used their position to purchase goods for the Council from their private company during disaster recovery following the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.
An image of two apartment buildings imposed against each other, located in Collingwood
Sunday 08 Dec 2019 Corruption risks in the social housing sector
This information sheet highlights some of the corruption vulnerabilities in the social housing sector and identifies ways those responsible for public and community housing can strengthen their systems and practices to mitigate those vulnerabilities.
A white tiled corridor, at the end of the corridor is the universal symbol for healthcare, a red cross surrounded by a red circle. Photo by Enric Moreu on Unsplash
Tuesday 24 Oct 2017 Corruption risks associated with the public health sector
This report presents a snapshot of health sector complaints and cases that have arisen during IBAC’s first four years of operation. It explores the corruption vulnerabilities associated with the health sector – both those specific to the health sector and those it shares with the broader public sector. Highlighting such issues helps the health sector to identify corruption risks, and take appropriate prevention and detection actions to address them.
Th roof of the state library as seen from the outside with highrises imposed behind it
Wednesday 30 Aug 2017 Operation Fraser
Operation Fraser was an investigation into allegations of theft of equipment by a council employee.
Wednesday 26 Apr 2017 Operation Continent
Operation Continent was an investigation into allegations of corrupt conduct council employees at a works depot.
An image of the facade of the Bendigo Health Hospital
Thursday 09 Mar 2017 Operation Liverpool
Operation Liverpool was an investigation into the conduct of two officers of Bendigo Health: Mr Adam Hardinge, former construction manager and Mr John Mulder, Chief Executive Officer.