Diversity and inclusion

At IBAC, we strive to create value for the community we serve by having a diverse and inclusive workforce which reflects the background and perspectives of all Victorians.

Our work is challenging – we expose public sector corruption and police misconduct and they're serious issues. Our dedication to fairness and natural justice is clear and tangible as we work towards our vision of a corruption resistant Victoria.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion means we are dedicated to a workplace that values its people, retains and attracts talented individuals, and reflects our community.

Our guiding principles:

  • We treat all people with dignity and respect, valuing different views and drawing on the skills and expertise of others.
  • We continue to build a diverse workforce, one that seeks to reflect and add value to the Victorian community we serve.
  • We recruit and develop inclusive leaders who value and champion diversity and who are committed to building a diverse and collaborative culture.
  • We establish programs that enable our people to feel a strong connection to IBAC, who feel valued and are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • We will celebrate and promote diversity as a strength of IBAC.
  • We will continuously seek ways to improve the connection between our people and the Victorian community.

Thanks to our working groups, the following actions are already underway:

  • training for our people to ensure they understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion in building a strong organisational culture that better reflects the community we serve
  • embed the Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter for the Victorian Public Sector into our health, safety and wellbeing management systems and practices
  • a calendar of events to celebrate and recognise significant cultural, diversity and inclusion events as well as health and wellbeing
  • identifying opportunities to improve IBAC's information and resources so they are easy to use and understand
  • improved workplace flexibility for our people
  • improved access to our office spaces for people with disabilities
  • access to support groups and networks for our people.