Video Transcript

Exposing and preventing corruption in Victoria - IBAC's first five years

Victoria's independent broad-based anti-corruption Commission or IBAC was established in July 2012 and became fully operational in February 2013.

IBAC is charged with an important role: exposing and preventing serious public sector corruption and police misconduct for the benefit of all Victorians.

IBAC receives complaints about the public sector, including Victoria Police, and may investigate them if the allegations concern serious or systemic corruption or police misconduct. We may refer a complaint to another agency such as the Victorian Ombudsman if they are better placed to investigate.

We make recommendations to help the public sector and police improve their policies systems and practices. IBAC also plays an important role in helping to ensure Victoria Police act fairly and impartially, and in accordance with the law.

A critical function of IBAC is to provide robust and independent oversight of

Victoria Police. This has included:

  • conducting strategic research and other projects to assist Victoria Police improve its systems and practices
  • reviewing internal Victoria Police investigations
  • investigating cases of serious or systemic police misconduct and corruption.

Preventing public sector corruption and police misconduct is at the heart of IBAC's work. We help the public sector address risks of corruption and we work to make the greatest impact by improving awareness of corruption and police misconduct and the adverse impact they have on the Victorian community.

In the first five years IBAC has changed perceptions about corruption in Victoria. We have exposed serious and systemic corruption in some of Victoria's major public sector agencies and local councils, as well as serious police misconduct.

Since IBAC was established we have:

  • assessed 18,869 allegations
  • completed 55 investigations, five involving public examinations
  • made 93 recommendations to police and public sector agencies
  • conducted 383 reviews of police and public sector investigations
  • published 39 reports
  • delivered 321 corruption prevention initiatives.

In mid-2016, IBAC legislation was changed to strengthen our ability to investigate corruption and it became mandatory for public sector agencies to report suspected corruption to IBAC; and while much has been achieved by IBAC in shining a light on public sector corruption and police misconduct, there is still much to be done.

You can report public sector corruption or police misconduct to IBAC now.

To find out how, visit or phone 1300 735 135.