Video Transcript

IBAC's police oversight role

IBAC is sharing this video to help the community, and organisations who work with IBAC and the community, to understand IBAC's police oversight role.

Victoria Police exists to serve the people of Victoria.

IBAC is Victoria's independent anti-corruption and police oversight agency.

IBAC's independent oversight of Victoria Police helps to ensure police conduct is lawful, professional and ethical.

We do this by taking and assessing complaints about police, and investigating cases of serious police misconduct or corruption. We also review police investigations of complaints, and work with Victoria Police to strengthen its policies and systems to prevent misconduct.

Our independent oversight is critical because of the significant powers police officers hold. To keep our community safe, police can detain, search, arrest, use force, enter premises, seize property and access sensitive information.

IBAC's independent oversight helps the community have confidence that Victoria Police uses these powers lawfully, professionally and ethically.

Police misconduct is unlawful conduct or failure to meet the standards expected of Victoria Police officers.

Serious police misconduct and corruption includes police using excessive force, disclosing sensitive police information, or being involves in major cover-ups, bribery or fraud or unlawful discrimination.

If you experience or are aware of police misconduct or corruption, you can report it to IBAC. You can make a complaint or submit an information report via our website.

We prioritise investigation of allegations involving serious or systemic corruption or police misconduct.

IBAC does not investigate things such as rudeness, slow response times, or inappropriate uniforms. We also do not investigate outcomes of traffic incidents or court decisions. You can raise these issues directly with Victoria Police.

Members of the public can complain to IBAC about the conduct of police officers, protective services officers, police custody officers or public service employees.

Victoria Police is also required to notify IBAC of all complaints of police misconduct.

Our oversight goes beyond taking and assessing complaints, and conducting investigations. IBAC does strategic research, audits and reviews, and recommends ways for Victoria Police to improve its systems and practices to prevent police misconduct.

We also provide information and training to Victoria Police officers to help promote integrity and support ethical decision-making.

As part of our role, IBAC works to ensure Victoria Police officers understand their obligations under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities when performing their duties.

When IBAC receives a complaint, we can investigate it, refer it to another agency (including Victoria Police), or dismiss it. To decide what to investigate, we consider how serious the allegations are, what the evidence is, the circumstances, and whether the conduct suggests broader issues for Victoria Police.

We can also investigate suspected police misconduct or corruption even if we have not received a complaint.

This is called an 'own motion' investigation.

We assess all complaints to see if they are public interest disclosures. People who make public interest disclosures, sometimes known as whistleblowers, cannot be bullied or fired for making a complaint.

When IBAC refers a complaint for Victoria Police to investigate, we may flag that matter for review. Our reviews are based on how serious the allegations are, whether it’s in the public interest, or if it is a particular area of focus for IBAC, such as police use of force.

IBAC’s reviews allow us to consider Victoria Police's systems for handling complaints. We look at whether investigation outcomes were appropriate and if the process was fair and thorough. We recommend how Victoria Police can improve its policies and processes and support good practice.

Integrity in policing is about how police make decisions, lawfully use their powers and treat people.

The community rightly expects police to always act with integrity. That’s why IBAC's independent oversight of Victoria Police is so important.

For more information about police misconduct or corruption, and how to report it, go to