Video Transcript

Making a complaint to IBAC

IBAC is Victoria's independent agency responsible for preventing and exposing public sector corruption and police misconduct. Our jurisdiction covers Victoria's state and local government, police, parliament and judiciary.

IBAC can receive complaints and notifications about public sector corruption or police misconduct.

What happens after you make a complaint to IBAC?

When we receive your complaint, we will let you know we've received it. We may also contact you for more information to help us assess the allegations and inform our decision assessing the complaint.

We assess each complaint to identify the allegations in the complaint based on the information you provide and relevant information available to us that can be connected to your complaint. We also assess whether your complaint is a public interest disclosure.

An assessment is not an investigation into your complaint. An assessment is IBAC's consideration of your information. We will let you know the outcome of our assessment, normally within 45 days following our assessment.

The three main actions IBAC can take are:

  1. to refer your complaint to another agency
  2. investigate your complaint
  3. not proceed with your complaint.

Why IBAC may refer a complaint to another agency

This may be because the complaint doesn't involve public sector corruption or police misconduct; falls outside who IBAC is authorised to investigate; or another agency is better placed to act on it.

Why IBAC may investigate a complaint

Some of the factors we take into consideration when deciding to investigate a complaint include: is it within IBAC's jurisdiction? Is there reasonable evidence of serious or systemic corruption or police misconduct?

Why IBAC may not proceed with a complaint

We may not proceed because: another agency has already addressed the complaint; the information provided isn't relevant to corrupt conduct or police misconduct, or is based on rumors or speculation.

What happens if IBAC doesn't investigate your complaint?

While most of the complaints and notifications we receive do not lead to an IBAC investigation, the information doesn't go to waste as we use it to inform our broader work to expose and prevent corruption and police misconduct. In some cases this could include informing other or future IBAC investigations.

For more information on our complaints process and to make a complaint now, go to