Video Transcript

Mandatory notifications to IBAC

The Victorian Public Sector has over 300,000 employees and you as a Relevant Principal Officer, that is, a public sector body Head or Council CEO, play a vital role in preventing corruption.

If you suspect corrupt conduct in your workplace you are legally required to notify IBAC.

This obligation is called a Mandatory Notification. Mandatory Notifications help to prevent corruption and improve the integrity of the public sector.

How do I know if something is corrupt conduct?

Corrupt conduct can include things like:

  • attempts to pervert the course of justice
  • bribery of a public official or
  • misconduct in public office

Low-level misconduct does not need to be reported to IBAC. This includes conduct such as:

  • inappropriate language
  • performance issues or
  • behaviour related issues

which should be handled internally.

If in doubt, submit a notification to IBAC for assessment.

When do I need to make a notification?

If you have a reasonable suspicion that corrupt conduct is occurring, you must report it to IBAC as soon as possible.

How do I make a mandatory notification?

Notifications must be made in writing via email or post using the Mandatory Notification Form on the IBAC website.

Before notifying IBAC be careful to maintain confidentiality, do not approach anyone you suspect of wrongdoing, and do not commence an internal investigation.

What happens to my notification?

IBAC assesses all notifications of suspected corrupt conduct and will either investigate, refer or dismiss the matter.

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