Video Transcript

Protections, information sharing, and confidentiality

[Superimposed text: Sue Kapourelakos, Manager Assessment and Review, Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission]

Reforms to the public interest disclosure scheme provide increased protection for disclosers, allow greater information sharing to better support disclosers, and clarify confidentiality requirements.

[Superimposed text: More protection for disclosers]

Detrimental action against a discloser will be prohibited when the grounds for the action is reprisal for the discloser making their complaint. This includes management action taken by an employer or manager in response to the disclosure.

Disclosers are also protected against the cost of legal action they take for losses suffered from the detrimental action against them.

[Superimposed text: Greater information sharing]
[Superimposed text: Clarified confidentiality requirements]

To better support disclosers and those who receive disclosures, a greater number of bodies can be told confidential information about disclosures. These are: medical practitioners, confidential employee assistance programs, trade unions, WorkCover (through workers' compensation claims), and Fair Work Commission for any application or related legal proceedings.

More detailed information on the public interest disclosure scheme, including guidelines and information sheets, is available on IBAC's website.

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