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Public interest disclosures

Changes to Victoria's public interest disclosure laws have made it safer and easier for every Victorian to speak up and help expose public sector corruption and police misconduct. 

If people working in our public institutions do the wrong thing, it hurts us all. 

It wastes money that should be used to maintain Victoria's schools hospitals roads and other vital public services and projects.

It undermines trust in government and damages the reputation of the public sector.

All Victorians can play a role in exposing public sector corruption and misconduct.

However, reporting it can seem daunting. Especially if you are worried about the impact it could have on your personal life or career.

That's why the law has changed to make it safer and easier for every Victorian to speak up and help build integrity in our public sector.

What do the changes mean?

Under the law, when you make a genuine public interest disclosure, your identity will be kept confidential and you will be protected from bullying harassment or legal action.

A wider range of wrongdoing can now be reported as a public interest disclosure, such as serious professional misconduct. This includes serious or persistent breaches of codes of conduct workplace legislation or workplace policies or procedures.

Who can make a public interest disclosure?

Public interest disclosures can be made by anyone: members of the public, state and local government employees, police officers or consultants and contractors employed by the public sector.

Where can you make a public interest disclosure?

Disclosures must be made to an organization that is authorized to receive them, such as a local council or government body. A full list of organizations is available on IBAC's website.

Most government agencies now have a public interest disclosure coordinator specially trained to inform and support anyone making a disclosure. They provide a safe confidential place to get advice and report wrongdoing.

You can also report directly to IBAC, Victoria's independent anti-corruption and police oversight agency.

If you see public sector corruption or police misconduct, have confidence you can do something about it.

Find out more or to make a public interest disclosure, go to