Video Transcript

Public interest disclosures (short version)

It's now safer and easier to disclose wrongdoing and misconduct in public office in Victoria.

There  are now added protections for anyone making what's called a 'public interest disclosure' to report public sector corruption or police misconduct.

It's safer. Your identity will be kept confidential. You will be protected from bullying, harassment or reprisal.

It's broader. Public interest disclosures include a wider range of wrongdoing, such as serious professional misconduct, and can be made by public sector employees working in government departments, agencies and local councils, and by members of the public.

It's easier. Most government agencies now have a public interest disclosure coordinator who is there to support you. You can report directly to IBAC, Victoria's independent anti-corruption and police oversight agency. 
So if you see public sector corruption or police misconduct, have confidence you can do something about it. 

To find out more or to make a public interest disclosure, go to