Video Transcript

Reporting police misconduct in Victoria

IBAC is sharing this video to help the community, and organisations who work with IBAC and the community, to understand how to report police misconduct to IBAC.

The community expects police to perform their duties lawfully, professionally and ethically.

If you suspect police misconduct or corruption, you can report it to IBAC, Victoria’s independent police oversight agency. You can also make a report to the Police Conduct Unit at Victoria Police, which will report it to IBAC.

Police misconduct is unlawful conduct or failure to meet the standards expected of Victoria Police officers.

Serious police misconduct and corruption can include assault, disclosing sensitive police information, major cover-ups, bribery or fraud or unlawful discrimination.

Complaints can be made about police officers, protective services officers, police custody officers or public service employees.

You can make a complaint or information report on the IBAC website.

Before you do, it helps to be prepared. First, check if IBAC is the right agency to complain or give information to.

IBAC does not investigate things such as rudeness, slow response times, or inappropriate uniforms. We also do not investigate outcomes of traffic incidents or court decisions. You can raise these issues directly with Victoria Police.

Next, try to have all the information ready. Details such as what happened, when and where and who was involved really helps, along with video, photos or other documents of the incident. We will acknowledge your complaint with an email, which you can reply to with further information.

Once you've made a complaint, IBAC will assess it to decide whether to investigate, refer it to Victoria Police to investigate or dismiss it. IBAC dismisses complaints where there is not enough information to begin an investigation or if it is not something IBAC or Victoria Police can investigate. We prioritise cases involving serious or systemic police misconduct or corruption.

It may take several weeks for your complaint to be assessed. We will communicate with you to notify you of IBAC’s decision.

Sometimes, people are hesitant to make a complaint because they are afraid of repercussions, such as being bullied or fired. IBAC assesses every complaint to decide if it is a public interest disclosure. If your complaint is a public interest disclosure, your identity will not be revealed and it is unlawful to bully or victimise you, or your friends, family or colleagues.

If you don’t want to make a complaint, you can also submit an ‘information report’, which means your information is added to our intelligence files and can help our investigations and corruption prevention initiatives.

Complaints and information reports may be made anonymously, but this means we can’t reach you if we need more information, and we won’t be able to notify you of the outcome. Remember to include all relevant details. IBAC manages your personal information carefully and lawfully.

Reporting police misconduct and corruption helps ensure concerns are dealt with and police act lawfully, professionally and ethically.

It's important IBAC hears about these issues, even if we do not investigate them, to inform our intelligence and research. So, if you suspect corruption or misconduct, you can do something. Contact IBAC.

For more information visit IBAC's website.