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We have developed information materials to help Victorian public sector employees identify, report and prevent corruption. The information covers red flags of corruption, what IBAC can and cannot investigate, and how people can report corruption, either internally or directly to IBAC. We also share presentations from leading thinkers in the field of corruption prevention.

This is part of our ongoing public sector engagement work and complements our community education campaign 'When something’s not right. Report it.' which encourages Victorians to speak up and report suspected corruption in the public sector.

You can view, download, and share the following materials with your colleagues and networks.


The IBAC and public sector corruption video provides information about how public sector employees can identify and report corruption.

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IBAC and public sector corruption (8m 41s) | Introducing IBAC (3m 43s)

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Information sheet

The Public sector corruption hurts all Victorians information sheet gives examples of corruption and misconduct and red flags for corruption. It also explains the importance of reporting corruption, and IBAC’s role in preventing and exposing it.

Experts' presentations

Presentations by leading thinkers in the field of corruption prevention. These presentations were made at the Corruption Prevention and Integrity Conference in Melbourne in October 2017 and are shared with the permission of speakers.


You are encouraged to print these posters and place them in the common areas in your organisation to raise awareness about corruption and encourage reporting.

 Public sector poster A3 Public sector poster - A3

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Digital banners

These banner images can be used across your communication channels to support your organisation’s corruption prevention efforts. Please link banners to

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Public sector banner 720x300

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