Protected Disclosure Community of Practice

IBAC is pleased to announce the formation of a Protected Disclosure Community of Practice (PD CoP). This initiative provides new opportunities for Protected Disclosure Coordinators (PDCs) and other interested public sector employees to network, share knowledge and update their skills and expertise. The PD CoP events provide valuable opportunities for PDCs, and other interested public sector employees, to be informed, discuss best practice, and gain access to the people and resources to answer any questions about the protected disclosure regime.

PDCs play an important role in exposing and preventing corruption in Victorian public sector agencies. PDCs confidentially receive and handle reports of improper conduct from their fellow employees or members of the public, and ensure that support and welfare protection is provided to disclosers while allegations are assessed or investigated.

The PD CoP is overseen by an Organising Committee who will run several events each year. IBAC chairs the Committee which comprises representatives from the Victorian Ombudsman, Victoria Police and five Protected Disclosure Coordinators drawn from state government departments and local councils.

Our first PD CoP event is being planned and further details will be released in the coming weeks. For more information contact