A better way to make complaints

IBAC recognises that people who make complaints to us come from a wide range of backgrounds. We aim to ensure anyone can make their complaint in a simple, secure and efficient way, and do so anonymously if they prefer.

IBAC’s online complaint form has been updated with a suite of changes to make it easier to understand and use for all members of the Victorian community.

Along with technical changes, the form is now available in a range of accessible formats and 21 languages other than English. Translation services, and services to help people with a hearing or speech impairment make a complaint, are now also available.

Most complaints to IBAC are received via the online form on our website. This is the easiest way for most people to make a complaint to IBAC. Complaints can also be emailed or sent to us via traditional post.

Why are complaints important?

Taking complaints about public sector corruption and police misconduct is a key legislated function of IBAC. IBAC receives a wide range of complaints, many of which help identify potential corruption and misconduct for investigation. Analysis of the aggregated, deidentified data also informs IBAC’s broader work to expose and prevent corruption in Victoria.

To understand where our complaint form could be made clearer and easier to use, IBAC conducted testing and interviews with members of the general public and the public sector and sought feedback from a range of external stakeholders. We improved our complaint form to address issues found and launched the updated form early this year.

What has changed?

Updates to the form:

  • clarify what it means to make an anonymous complaint
  • ensure the form aligns with data collection standards
  • identify early and direct complaints to the appropriate place if the matter is clearly outside IBAC’s jurisdiction
  • capture more relevant information to aid complaints handling
  • provide easy access explanations of why certain information is requested and how IBAC will handle it in accordance with relevant legislation.

IBAC will continue to seek feedback and conduct testing with users to identify further opportunities to improve the form. Please contact us with any feedback or suggestions.

To see the new form or make a complaint, go to www.ibac.vic.gov.au/report.

Find out more about what you can report to IBAC.

Contact us if you need assistance making a complaint.