Protected Disclosure Coordinators

Protected Disclosure Coordinators play a vital role in supporting and protecting potential whistleblowers to speak out about wrongdoing in the public service.

Employed by public sector agencies, Protected Disclosure Coordinators are nominated to receive and notify IBAC of potential protected disclosures.

They may also:

  • assist IBAC investigators
  • ensure the welfare of disclosers 
  • work to make staff aware of the protected disclosure legislation.

All public sector bodies have obligations under the Protected Disclosure Act 2012.

Not all public sector agencies can receive disclosures. If you are unable to receive disclosures you should direct potential disclosures to the appropriate place to make a disclosure. This will ordinarily be IBAC.

If you are unsure if you or your agency can receive disclosures, refer to the next section.

Entities that can receive protected disclosures

State Government departments

  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
  • Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • Department of Transport

Administrative offices:

  • Family Safety Victoria
  • Latrobe Valley Authority
  • Local Government Inspectorate
  • Major Transport Infrastructure Authority
  • Office of Projects Victoria
  • Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel
  • Office of the Governor
  • Office of the Victorian Government Architect
  • Public Record Office Victoria
  • Safer Care Victoria
  • Service Victoria
  • Victorian Agency for Health Information
  • Victorian Government Solicitors Office

All local councils

Victorian Public Sector Commission

Protected disclosure obligations

Receiving disclosures

Victorian departments, administrative offices and councils, and the Victorian Public Sector Commission can receive disclosures about the conduct of their own agency or staff. These agencies should have a Protected Disclosure Coordinator for staff or members of the community to report their concerns to.

Not all public sector agencies can receive disclosures. If you are unable to receive disclosures, you should direct potential disclosers to the appropriate place to make a disclosure. This will ordinarily be IBAC.

Handling disclosures

If you can receive protected disclosures, you must have effective procedures to facilitate the making of disclosures, and to receive and manage disclosures (including notifications to IBAC).

These procedures must be available to staff and the community.

Guidelines for making and handling protected disclosures

Protecting the welfare of disclosers

All public bodies must have procedures to protect people against detrimental action taken in reprisal for a protected disclosure. These procedures must be available to staff and the community.

Guidelines for protected disclosure welfare management


Information that relates to a protected disclosure must be kept confidential. This includes information someone has given you, before realising it may be a protected disclosure, as well as the identity of the person who has made a disclosure.

Online training

This online learning module is for Protected Disclosure Coordinators within the Victorian public sector. The information provides an introduction to Victoria’s protected disclosure legislation and the requirements of receiving bodies. The module is relevant only to coordinators of receiving entities.

If you are a Protected Disclosure Coordinator and would like to access this resource (or need to update your details), please email

Or if you have already registered for an account, log in to complete the module.

You will receive a certificate once the e-module and feedback survey are completed.

Protected Disclosure Community of Practice

In 2018, IBAC launched a Protected Disclosure Community of Practice. This initiative provides new opportunities for Protected Disclosure Coordinators and other interested public sector employees to network, share knowledge and update their skills and expertise. The Protected Disclosure Community of Practice events provide valuable opportunities for PDCs, and other interested public sector employees, to be informed, discuss best practice, and gain access to the people and resources to answer any questions about the protected disclosure regime.

The Protected Disclosure Community of Practice is overseen by an Organising Committee. IBAC chairs the Committee which comprises representatives from the Victorian Ombudsman, Victoria Police and five Protected Disclosure Coordinators drawn from state government departments and local councils. 

If you would like to join the Protected Disclosure Community of Practice or would like further information, please contact

What you must notify IBAC about

If you believe the conduct contained in the complaint could be a protected disclosure, you must notify IBAC.

How to determine what is a protected disclosure (flow chart)


How to notify IBAC

Notifications are generally made in writing. However, if you think the matter is serious and requires urgent attention, please phone us on 1300 735 135. 

GPO Box 24234, Melbourne VIC 3001



  • the information contained in the complaint
  • the section of the Act you’re notifying us under.