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Corruption prevention in 2021: Looking back to look forward (9 December 2021)

During this webinar marking International Anti-Corruption Day, IBAC Deputy Commissioners David Wolf and Stephen Farrow reflect on corruption research and investigations from 2021. They discuss a targeted way forward to prevent corruption and misconduct in our public sector, and answer questions from Victorian public sector employees.

Don't become the headline: Integrity agencies discuss procurement (27 October 2021)

The heads of Victoria's integrity agencies held a joint webinar in October 2021 to discuss best practices in keeping public sector procurement above board.

Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass, IBAC Commissioner The Honourable Robert Redlich AM QC and Victorian Auditor-General Andrew Greaves outlined how to maintain integrity in your organisation, support the effective use of public funds, and avoid negative headlines.

Watch the recording to learn about:

  • what an effective procurement process look like
  • examples of an incorrect process and how has it impacted the organisation
  • how poor procurement processes are allowed to infiltrate your organisation
  • what you can do to ensure correct processes are being followed.

Corruption Prevention & Integrity Insights forum: Conflicts of interest (10 June 2021)

IBAC hosted a webinar on the topic of conflicts of interest. Watch the webinar involving IBAC's Deputy Commissioner David Wolf and senior executives from some of Victoria’s integrity agencies and public sector organisations to hear their insights and reflections as they discuss different conflicts of interest scenarios.

Exposing corruption: how IBAC handles complaints (21 May 2021)

IBAC hosted a webinar for Law Week 2021, with Deputy Commissioners David Wolf and Kylie Kilgour. Watch the webinar to find out how to make a complaint, how complaints are actioned by IBAC and how investigations are launched. Webinar presentation and Q&A session available below. 

Presentation: Journey through IBAC's complaints process

Q&A with IBAC's Deputy Commissioners

Information for visiting delegations

IBAC accepts limited delegations from overseas government departments or agencies.

Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis when they are relevant to our work in exposing, investigating and preventing public sector corruption and police misconduct. 

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How to make a request

All delegation requests must be accompanied by an official letter from the organisation sponsoring the visit and give adequate notice prior to the proposed visit date. 

Official letters of request must include:

  • confirmed date of delegation visit
  • where the delegation is from (organisation, country)
  • delegate names and titles
  • purpose of visit
  • specific outcomes the delegation wishes to achieve
  • key areas of interest within IBAC
  • whether an interpreter will be accompanying the delegation. 

Send your letter to:

Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission
Level 1, 459 Collins Street
Victoria 3000
Fax: (03) 8635 6444

Please note: we do not fund international delegation visits.