IBAC’s work is challenging – we expose public sector corruption and police misconduct and they’re serious issues. We front up to this mission each and every day because we all want a public service that acts in the best interests of Victoria.

Our vision and reason for being is the number one reason team members join and stay at IBAC. A Victorian public sector that actively resists corruption is something we whole-heartedly believe in and work towards. Our dedication to fairness and natural justice is clear and tangible.

Employee value proposition

  • It doesn’t matter whether you work on investigations or in finance, everyone needs to have a clear national criminal check, security clearance and to be sworn in to be part of the team. We don’t shy away from the fact that some of our processes are involved and thorough - that’s what’s needed to do our job well.

    Our expectations are high; we expect the public to bravely call out corruption and misconduct and the public trust that we will leave no stone unturned in meeting these expectations. We expect our team to work with sensitive information confidentially and respectfully. We understand that if we are to foster a corruption-resistant public sector, we need a workplace built on integrity.

  • IBAC is a small independent statutory authority but we are doing big things. We’re the right size for you to gain exposure to a broad range of integrity issues while helping to bring about significant change across state government, local councils and Victoria Police. We see our size as a real plus - a real opportunity to work closely with colleagues from different professional backgrounds across teams.

  • We think we’re a great group of people to work with but we appreciate an anti-corruption agency isn’t for everyone. We work really well with people who are:

    1. courageous and up for a true challenge – a vision to create a public sector that actively resists corruption is not for the faint-hearted, especially when our jurisdiction covers the entire Victorian public sector (think police, government departments, state agencies, local councils, schools and universities, public hospitals, parliamentarians and the courts).
    2. patient and professional with real staying-power – our projects are complex and can change direction quickly which takes understanding and a real respect for tackling corruption.
    3. flexible but with a measured and fair approach – we need to be nimble to respond to what’s happening in Victoria but we also need to be well considered and treat every aspect of our work with objectivity.
    4. trustworthy with a keen sense of duty – we need people who can strike the right balance between working with the utmost confidentiality, understanding what you can and can’t share but also being open and collaborative across the agency.


  • Our jobs and daily responsibilities can be incredibly interesting. The serious nature of IBAC’s work and its inherent demands make our jobs meaningful and stimulating.

    Putting the spotlight on suspected wrongdoing means we are often privy to sensitive information, information we need to work with confidentially, fairly and respectfully. It’s not the kind of job you can go home and tell your family or friends about.

    A large proportion of our workforce are in roles focussed on exposing corruption, roles like investigations, digital forensics and surveillance. But these jobs don’t work in isolation – more than half of our positions are in:

    1. Prevention & Communication
    2. Assessments, Reviews, Compliance & Legal
    3. Corporate Services


    No matter what area you work in, you will be part of an organisation that is exposing and preventing public sector corruption and police misconduct. The challenges we’ll face together will not only allow you to grow and develop as an individual in your chosen field of work but will also help build a corruption resistant Victoria.

  • We believe the best is yet to come at IBAC.

    What we’ve achieved since our inception less than a decade ago has been impressive. As crime and corruption become more complex and sophisticated, so will our responses and workplace. We will continue to evolve, improve and respond to the needs of Victorians to ensure we are building a corruption-resistant Victoria.

    This work requires patience and strength – change doesn’t happen overnight. Building strong cultures of integrity across the public sector requires an unwavering fortitude and continual desire to work together to meet these challenges and our responsibilities to the Victorian community.

    We have our work cut out for us but with the right team we know we can achieve great things.