Other complaint agencies

We are focused on investigating corruption and police misconduct in Victoria. If your complaint is not related to these areas we suggest directing your complaint to the relevant agency or body listed below.

Complaints we investigate

What you want to complain about Who you should complain to


  • IBAC accepts complaints about corruption in the Victorian public sector
  • You can also choose to report to the agency's Public Interest Disclosure Coordinator (if they have one).

Police misconduct


Common complaints we receive but can't investigate

What you want to complain about Who you should complain to
Administration actions of state government agencies and councils  Victorian Ombudsman

Traffic fines (including speeding tickets, red lights and tolls)

Legal services (including lawyers)

Legal Services Commissioner

Health services

Privacy concerns

Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

Court decisions

The Chief Justice of the relevant court


Other types of complaints

What you want to complain about Who you should complain to
Banks and financial services Australian Financial Complaints Authority
Council operations and breaches of the Local Government Act 1989 Local Government Inspectorate
Disability services Disability Services Commissioner

Goods and services, consumer protections

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Energy and water bills

Energy and Water Ombudsman

Judicial officers and VCAT members

Judicial Commission of Victoria

Public transport

Public Transport Ombudsman

Complaints about IBAC or an IBAC officer (current and former), VAGO officers, Ombudsman officers, the Chief Examiner and Examiners, OVIC officers and, until 2 August 2024, the Office of the Special Investigator or a former OSI officer.

Victorian Inspectorate 

Complaints about the Victorian Inspectorate Integrity and Oversight Committee
Private health insurances Commonwealth Ombudsman
Telephone and internet services Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman  
An organisation that's failed to follow the Victims' Charter principles in dealing with a victim of crime Victims of Crime Commissioner

Workers' compensation

Accident Compensation Conciliation Service

Workplace discrimination and human rights issues

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Workplace bullying and conditions of employment

Fair Work Commission

Workplace safety

WorkSafe Victoria