Corporate reports

IBAC's Corruption Prevention Strategy 2021-24

In 2020 IBAC undertook a review of its corruption prevention strategy to consider the latest research on best practice in contemporary corruption prevention. This work informed the development of IBAC's Corruption Prevention Strategy 2021-24.

The review highlighted the importance of IBAC's corruption prevention and education work, and the need for IBAC to increase its corruption prevention activities across the public sector and broader community. It also found that stakeholders want:

  • specific and timely advice on how to prevent corruption in different workplace settings
  • practical digital resources for raising employee awareness about corruption prevention
  • direct engagement with IBAC, including meetings, forums and presentations
  • opportunities to debrief on IBAC's investigation findings and recommendations.

The strategy supports IBAC's vision of a public sector and police that acts with integrity for all Victorians. It forms part of our commitment to being an independent, fair and trusted integrity agency that has a whole-of-IBAC approach to addressing prevention of corruption and police misconduct.

IBACs prevention corruption strategy, PDF conversion into JPEG