What is corruption?

Corruption is the misuse of public power, position or funds. It can happen through:

  • improper or unlawful actions 
  • failure to act by public sector staff or agencies 
  • people trying to improperly influence the functions or decisions of the public sector.


What can IBAC take complaints about?

We take complaints about Victorian public sector officers or bodies that allegedly:

  • take or offer bribes
  • dishonestly use their influence
  • commit fraud, theft or embezzlement
  • misuse work information or material 
  • conspire or attempt to do any of the above.


What does misconduct in public office mean?

It’s something done by a public sector employee that’s unlawful or falls short of the ethical or professional standards they must uphold in their role or when using their powers. For example:

  • misusing power to harm, oppress or disadvantage someone
  • not disclosing a conflict of interest
  • accessing police databases and disclosing confidential police information without permission.

Unlike most types of corruption, a public officer does not have to get financial or personal gain from their actions.

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