How IBAC works to prevent corruption

Under the law IBAC can:

  • examine public sector systems, practices and legislation
  • inform, consult with, and make recommendations to the public sector
  • provide advice, training and education to help the public sector prevent corruption
  • inform the community about the impacts of corruption on public administration and how to prevent it 
  • publish information on preventing corruption.

IBAC’s three key strategies to prevent corruption and police misconduct are:

  1. Help the community and public sector better understand corruption and its harmful effects.
  2. Improve corruption reporting and the public sector’s capacity to address reports.
  3. Provide organisations with the latest information and intelligence to keep them a step ahead of corruption risks. 

We focus our prevention efforts on serious public sector corruption and police misconduct.

To ensure a coordinated approach to safeguarding Victorian public sector integrity, IBAC works collaboratively with partners including the:

IBAC's Corruption Prevention Strategy

Our core priorities are to engage with the community, encourage the reporting of corruption and alert organisations to stay ahead of corruption risks