The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) is Victoria's agency responsible for preventing and exposing public sector corruption and police misconduct. Our jurisdiction covers state and local government, police, parliament and the judiciary.

As Victoria's anti-corruption agency, IBAC:

  • receives complaints and notifications of public sector corruption and police misconduct
  • investigates and exposes serious or systematic public sector corruption and police misconduct
  • informs the public sector, police and the community about risks and impacts of corruption and police misconduct, and ways it can be prevented.

Public value outcomes

Our public value outcomes describe the positive impact we aim to deliver for Victoria to achieve our vision:

  1. Strengthening trust in the public sector and police
  2. A strong integrity culture across Victoria
  3. Collective ownership in preventing corruption and misconduct.

We are independent

IBAC is independent of the government of the day, while accountable to Victorians through the State Parliament. IBAC will always take its obligations, especially in the exercise of its significant powers, seriously.

We are subject to scrutiny by the Victorian Inspectorate and our Parliamentary Committee. Learn more about our accountability.


We are one of three core, independent agencies in the Victorian integrity system The system aims to protect the integrity of the Victorian public sector and Victoria Police. Other agencies include the Victorian Ombudsman and the Victorian Auditor-General's Office.

Victorian Inspectorate and Victorian Parliament provide oversight of IBAC, Ombudsman and VAGO

  • Independant Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission 

    Exposes and prevents public sector corruption and police misconduct

  • Victorian Ombudsman

    Investigates administrative actions of state government departments, local councils and statutory authorities

  • Victoria Auditor-General's Office

    Provides independent assurance to the Parliament and the Victorian community on the financial integrity and performance of the state