Corporate reports

Annual report 2019/20

This annual report outlines IBAC's work in the 2019/20 financial year to build a corruption-resistant Victorian public sector. It details our operational and financial performance, achievements, and how we work to prevent and expose public sector corruption and police misconduct.

This report is a key accountability document and one way we report on our activities and outcomes to our stakeholders: the Parliament of Victoria, Victoria Police, public sector leaders and employees, and the Victorian community.

Key achievements

IBAC's key achievements in 2019/20 include:

  • receiving 2419 complaints/notifications, a three per cent increase on 2018/19
  • assessing 5955 allegations of suspected corruption or police misconduct, a two per cent increase on 2018/19
  • assessing 1184 allegations assessed as public interest and protected disclosures, a 35 per cent increase on 2018/19
  • commencing 24 investigations and preliminary inquiries into alleged serious public sector corruption and police misconduct
  • finalising 28 investigations and preliminary inquiries
  • making 46 formal recommendations (under the IBAC Act) for public sector agencies, including Victoria Police, to improve their systems, practices and controls
  • reviewing 59 police investigations, a 31 per cent increase on 2019/20, and eight public sector investigations
  • delivering 75 corruption prevention initiatives including hosting the Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference.
An infographic highlighting IBACs key achievements for 2019/20