Research reports

Corruption risks associated with government funded human services delivered by community service organisations

Community service organisations (CSOs) play a critical role in delivering a range of welfare and social services to support individuals, families and communities. Considerable public funds support the delivery of many of these services. IBAC's research explores corruption risks in this sector and how to mitigate them.

The Victorian Government provides partial or full funding to thousands of CSOs within the not-for-profit sector to deliver a diverse range of human services to people across Victoria. The community expects these organisations to act with integrity in how they engage with their clients and use public funds. CSOs should provide high-quality services and support to their clients and, in turn, also benefit the broader Victorian community.

IBAC's research has identified a number of corruption risks that could affect CSOs' delivery of human services. This report outlines those risks and a range of corruption prevention strategies to help mitigate them. The risks and drivers identified in this report do not apply to all CSOs and the report does not assess the extent of corruption occurring within the CSO sector.