IBAC policies

Gifts, benefits & hospitality policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission's (IBAC) position on IBAC officers:

  • responding to offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality
  • providing gifts, benefits and hospitality.

This policy supports IBAC officers to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain high levels of integrity and public trust.


The Public Administration Act 2004 establishes the public sector values and the Code of conduct for Victorian public sector employees of Special Bodies (the Code) promotes adherence to those values. In accordance with clause 1.2 of the Code, all IBAC officers must comply with this policy.

This policy is aligned with the Victorian Public Sector Commission's Gifts, benefits and hospitality policy Guide, including the minimum accountabilities for managing gifts, benefits and hospitality. The accountabilities are binding under the Instructions supporting the Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance 2016.

Transparent and accountable practices are vital to maintaining the Victorian community's trust in IBAC and its confidence that public resources are being used responsibly and appropriately.

As public officials, IBAC's management of any offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality is a practical demonstration of IBAC's integrity, impartiality and accountability. It allows the community, business associates and Government to be confident that IBAC make decisions and provide advice free of favouritism, influence and conflicts of interest.