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IBAC insights issue 34

Welcome to the December edition of IBAC Insights; this is the final edition for 2022 and the final edition for me as IBAC Commissioner. 


The December 2022 issue of IBAC Insights includes a farewell message from our Commissioner, perceptions of corruption in Victoria survey findings, misconduct issues and risks associated with Victoria Police's Critical Incident Response Team, a podcast on corruption risks associated with donations and lobbying, ​investigation and prosecution updates, recent webinars to watch on demand, and more.​



Integrity matters conversation hour. A conversation focused on current integrity risks and challenges, and why they matter. Speakers cover topics including public sector governance, conflicts of interest, procurement and what constitutes corruption.

In conversation with IBAC Commissioner Robert Redlich AM KC. This International Anti-Corruption Day, outgoing IBAC Commissioner Robert Redlich AM KC spoke to Melbourne journalist and lawyer Jon Faine AM in a live-streamed conversation about his five-year tenure as Commissioner of IBAC, and what's needed to prevent corruption in Victoria in the future. 

Public Interest Disclosure Coordinator annual forum. The forum was also an opportunity for Public Interest Disclosure Coordinators and other state and local government integrity professionals to learn more about how to handle disclosures, and how they are assessed and investigated.

2022 John Barry Memorial Lecture in Criminology: Governing with integrity. On the occasion of the 2022 John Barry Memorial Lecture in Criminology, IBAC Commissioner The Honourable Robert Redlich AM, KC will discuss the rise of soft corruption, or unethical behaviour that can erode public trust. He will explore the factors that make government vulnerable to soft corruption: centralised power and increasingly influential political advisors, resulting in diminished ministerial accountability and a less independent public service.


Knowledge sharing

Recent publications and resources from other agencies and organisations:

IBAC is committed to developing resources to help build the capacity and knowledge of the public sector to prevent corruption. To suggest resources for IBAC Insights, contact us at communications@ibac.vic.gov.au.