IBAC Insights (newsletter)

IBAC insights issue 36

In this edition we will hear from IBAC Acting Commissioner Stephen Farrow and CEO Marlo Baragwanath about IBAC’s latest operations, reports, improvements to our witness welfare approach and policies, and our new user-friendly website.

Deputy Commissioner Kylie Kilgour speaks about the importance of Operation Daintree, the recommendations IBAC made to improve how ministerial offices, and the public sector work together, which includes the tightening the code of conduct for ministers, advisers, and the public service.


Privacy Awareness Week (webinar). In May, IBAC’s Deputy Commissioner David Wolf joined the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) to discuss the importance of government organisations protecting private information, as part of Privacy Awareness Week. He spoke about the risks of a misuse of information, which was often underreported in the public sector.

Making a complaint to IBAC (webinar). As part of Law Week in May, IBAC held a webinar to help improve public understanding of IBAC’s complaint processes and how IBAC manages a complaint. Our panel shared insights on how the agency assesses complaints and Public Interest Disclosures (PIDs). We also discussed the types of misconduct that can be reported to IBAC, how complaints are reviewed, and the special protections provided to people making a PID.

Who assesses the integrity of Victoria Police? (webinar). IBAC’s second Law Week conversation was about our police oversight work. In this webinar, IBAC Deputy Commissioner Kylie Kilgour, Executive Director Operations Peter Morris, and Manager Investigations Christine Stafford shared their insights and explained how IBAC oversees the integrity of Victoria Police. IBAC's Investigations and legal teams discussed how we assess complaints about police, investigate cases of serious police misconduct, and review police investigations of complaints.