IBAC held public hearings in May 2022 into allegations of serious misconduct by a long-standing Victoria Police officer.

The public hearings were part of Operation Bredbo, an IBAC investigation into allegations that a member of Victoria Police exploited and misused their position as a police officer for reward to improperly influence people who were involved in commercial disputes or civil litigation.

The hearings also examined allegations that the officer engaged in misconduct through maintaining improper associations and relationships and misusing police information.

The scope and purpose of the public hearings were to investigate:

  1. Whether the Detective Sergeant of Victoria Police has misused their position to:
    1. improperly influence parties to, or persons involved in, civil disputes or litigation;
    2. attempt to pervert the course of justice by falsifying evidence; or
    3. attempt to improperly influence persons involved in criminal investigations or prosecutions.
  2. Whether the Detective Sergeant of Victoria Police has engaged in misconduct through:
    1. maintaining undeclared improper relationships;
    2. unauthorised secondary employment; or 
    3. unauthorised access to, use of or disclosure of police information.
  3. The circumstances surrounding any actual or potential personal benefits obtained by the Detective Sergeant of Victoria Police and/or other police personnel, their associates, resulting from, or otherwise in connection with, their misuse of their position or access to police information.

The hearings were conducted by IBAC's Commissioner The Honourable Robert Redlich AM QC and Deputy Commissioner Stephen Farrow. Counsel assisting were Catherine Boston and Sophie Molyneux of the Victorian Bar. 

Anyone with credible information relevant to the investigation is encouraged to report it or phone 1300 735 135.

  • Week 1

    • Tuesday, 3 May
      Wayne Dean
    • Wednesday, 4 May 
      Wayne Dean (continuing)
    • Thursday, 5 May 
      Wayne Dean (continuing)
    • Friday, 6 May
      Wayne Dean (continuing)

    Week 2

    • Wednesday, 11 May 
      Bill Meletsis