On 27 January 2017, IBAC tabled a report before Parliament on its findings and recommendations following an investigation into the conduct of officers of the Department of Education and Training (DET) in connection with the Ultranet project and related matters.

Known as Operation Dunham, the investigation has resulted in recommendations being made to the:

  • Department of Education and Training (DET) to review current arrangements governing how schools and other work areas pursue and respond to commercial opportunities; and strengthen internal procurement and governance arrangements for major projects  
  • Victorian Public Sector Commission to consider banning public sector employees receiving any gift, benefit or hospitality from a current or prospective supplier
  • Department of Treasury and Finance to consider improvements to reviews of high value and/or high risk projects. 

Note: Some Operation Dunham information and documents are unavailable while the matter is before the courts.

IBAC publishes responses to our investigations to inform the community about actions agencies advise they are taking, and to share learnings that may help other agencies improve their systems and practices to prevent corruption and misconduct.