Investigation summaries

Operation Fraser

Operation Fraser was an investigation into allegations of theft of equipment by a council employee.

Following a Victoria Police investigation, IBAC received a notification from the Victoria Police Professional Standards Command (PSC) alleging a metropolitan city council employee had stolen council animal management equipment and given it to members of an outlaw motorcycle gang.

As the allegation was that activity had occurred in the past, Operation Fraser focused on whether the officer had current criminal associations and if so, whether he was using his council employment for their benefit.


On all available evidence, IBAC found the employee did not have current associations with the outlaw motorcycle gang members or associates.

However, IBAC recommended the council conduct a review of the accountability of unsupervised staff, and consider improving:
• policies and procedures around the use and supervision of council vehicles
• how policy and procedures are communicated and implemented in the work place
• staff awareness of conflicts of interest and their obligations under council policies.

The council accepted IBAC’s recommendations.