IBAC Insights (newsletter)

IBAC insights issue 35

The March 2023 issue of IBAC Insights includes features: our Operation Clara special report, a snapshot of our police oversight work, research on corruption risks with major infrastructure projects, our campaign calling on the public sector to speak up to stop improper influence, podcasts, webinars and and more.​




Perceptions of corruption in Victoria. A conversation focused on current integrity risks and challenges, and why they matter. Speakers cover topics including public sector governance, conflicts of interest, procurement and what constitutes corruption.

Victorian Local Government podcast about IBAC's report on Corruption risks associated with donations and lobbying. This week on In Conversation, Chris Eddy speaks with David Wolf Deputy Commissioner of IBAC on 'corruption risks associated with donations and lobbying'. David talks us through on some surveys and reports that have been recently published by IBAC such as: Corruption risks associated with donations and lobbying and IBAC's Victorian perceptions of corruption 2022


Knowledge sharing

Recent publications and resources from other agencies and organisations:

IBAC is committed to developing resources to help build the capacity and knowledge of the public sector to prevent corruption. To suggest resources for IBAC Insights, contact us at communications@ibac.vic.gov.au.