What happens to your complaint?

When we receive your complaint we will acknowledge we have received it. We may also contact you for more information to help us assess the allegations and inform our decision.

Note: If you made your complaint anonymously we will not be able to contact you or discuss it with you.

We carefully assess each allegation based on:

  • the information you provide
  • relevant information available to us that could be connected to your complaint.

We will write to you by letter or email to let you know the outcome of your complaint, normally within 45 days. If you want an update, please contact us.

Note: If you choose to provide information without making a complaint, we will not contact you to advise of any outcome or progress it may lead to.

Complaint outcomes

Depending on the nature of your complaint, we may decide to:

1. Refer your complaint to another agency

This may be because it: 

IBAC selects certain cases for review to help ensure referred matters have been investigated thoroughly.

2. Take no further action

This may be because: 

  • there isn't enough information for us to assess it
  • there is no way to confirm the details you provided or get further information from you
  • the alleged corruption or police misconduct occurred more than a year ago and there isn't a valid reason for the delay
  • it has already been investigated by another agency and there is no new evidence
  • the complaint is trivial or vexatious.

3. Conduct preliminary inquiries 

Preliminary inquiries help us determine whether to investigate, refer or dismiss your complaint. 

4. Investigate your complaint

By law, we must prioritise investigations into serious or systemic corruption and misconduct. 

5. Defer making a decision

IBAC may delay making a decision for up to 90 days if:

  • the complaint is being investigated by another body, and
  • the complaint is relevant to that body’s duties, functions and powers, and
  • IBAC considers that it is more appropriate for that body to investigate the complaint; and
  • IBAC considers it more appropriate for that body to continue that investigation.

IBAC may require that body to provide information regarding its investigation and any action taken.

Anyone can complain to us about public sector corruption or police misconduct. Find out how.

If your complaint isn't about public sector corruption or police misconduct, find out which other agencies you can contact.

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