Health, safety and wellbeing

While we have supported workplace flexibility for some time, the COVID-19 pandemic forced most team members to work from home for extended periods of time. We know that flexible work supports a more inclusive workplace, enabling team members to manage personal and family commitments and, ultimately, their health and wellbeing. Our new hybrid working arrangements support these benefits but also cause us to broaden our safety lens. Ensuring all working environments are healthy and safe is a key focus for us.


  • We provide a range of programs to improve team members’ lifestyle choices and health. When team members take part in these programs, they can expect improved:

    • Health awareness and knowledge
    • Professional work relationships
    • Productivity and concentration
    • Physical and mental wellbeing and resilience
    • Enjoyment and fulfilment in their work
    • Quality of work/life balance
    • OHS and first aid training
    • Financial health seminars
    • Mental health activities, webinars and seminars
    • Flu vaccinations
    • Health and skin checks
    • Tailored and targeted risk management programs
    • Workplace support
      • Crisis and counselling services through an Employee Assistance Program