Pre-employment checks

All IBAC employees, and some consultants, must pass a National Police Check and attain and maintain a security clearance via the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA). This process is organised by IBAC. If you don't already have a security clearance, the application will be arranged when you start work. For further information on what is involved during the stringent and somewhat invasive process please visit the ASGVA website, where you can find helpful resources and factsheets.

What are 'Disclosable Court Outcomes' 

As part of your employment/contract with IBAC you may be required to undergo a National Police Check (arranged by IBAC).

If the police check report returns with a Disclosable Court Outcome, IBAC will contact you as soon as possible.

The following signifies a Disclosable Court Outcome:

  • charges
  • court convictions
  • findings of guilt with no conviction
  • court appearances
  • good behaviour bonds or other court orders
  • pending matters awaiting court hearing and or
  • traffic offence history.

The Disclosable Court Outcome may be a result of an incorrect report including:

  • the incorrect identification of the applicant
  • information held in police records has not been correctly matched to the applicant
  • incomplete information was provided at the time of application.

If an applicant believes the police check report is incorrect or contains inaccuracies, a dispute can be raised.

Disputes must be raised when an applicant claims that:

  • the police information released does not belong to them
  • part of the police information does not belong to them
  • the police information belongs to them, but the details are incorrect
  • the police information belongs to them, but should not have been released.

If you have any questions, please email